Maverick Marketing

Essential Business Building Strategies For Extraordinary Business Growth

Today, more than ever before, you need to significantly lift your game if you want to grab the attention of your prospects and convert them to clients.

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We now live in an age where we are literally flooded, on an almost minute by minute basis, with promotional messages. Not only has this tsunami of marketing media overwhelmed the market place, it has also left behind increasing consumer cynicism and overwhelming apathy.

Gone are the days when ‘good customer service’ was a point of differentiation, now it’s a given. And long gone are the days when you would just put up a website, or run an advert, and wait for the business. Today you need to do things differently!

In Maverick Marketing I have compiled together the key concepts and teachings distilled from over 10 years’ worth of private client files and consultations: over 120 pages of practical business growth strategies and tactics that YOU can now profit from.

You’ll discover these secrets… and more:

  • The 10 key business building principles that will ensure your business success
  • Why the success of your business must always be driven by a strategic focus
  • A practical four-step system that will generate a flood of qualified leads (I devote a whole chapter to this)
  • Revealed: how to stand out and position yourself as the ’go to’ expert in your industry
  • How to run successful and responsive advertising campaigns
  • Why it’s vital to ‘test and measure’ every element of your marketing
  • Three ways to guarantee you deliver the ultimate client experience
  • Practical ways to instantly tweak and turbo-charge your promotional activities

Maverick Marketing will give you with the methodology, mindset and motivation to help you generate more leads and ultimately more clients for your business. There’s no theory, just real world advice and application.

Plus, to help you even further, I’ve provided the Maverick Marketing Toolkit a series of exclusive online resources worth £197 to help you implement some of the key concepts discussed in the book.

Buy it now: Price £11.97

"Maverick Marketing is an excellent read, packed full of practical, ideas, strategies and 'call to actions'. Should be required reading for any and every business owner looking to build, develop and grow their business further!

Mark Howarth, Director, UK Enterprise Solutions Limited

“Maverick Marketing is full of common sense advice and application on how to quickly and effectively market your business. Start reading Maverick Marketing today and you too can benefit from the many business building techniques and strategies contained within it.”

Rob Warlow, author of Loan Sharp: Get the Business Finance You Deserve