Are you struggling to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads? Finding it difficult to make an impact with your current marketing activities?

Lead Generation Re-Ignite gives you the game-plan you need to build a consistent and predictable stream of new leads and clients for your business. This service is hands-on, personalised and above all practical.

Based on over a decade of helping professional service firms grow, I’ll show you how to gain a greater return on your current lead generation efforts, provide insights on new client attraction possibilities for your business – as well as – a specific ‘client getting’ strategy.

Rest assured there will be no theory, no fluff and you won’t be left with a shopping list of common-sense recommendations.

In fact here’s my promise to you:

Lead Generation Re-Ignite provides you with a practical roadmap for attracting more leads and clients to your business quickly: a framework of results-driven promotional strategies, concepts and tactics to rekindle and revitalise your lead generation efforts over the coming weeks and months.

How It Works

So that you can be very clear on what to expect and the results you will see in your business, here’s a brief overview of my approach.

Lead Generation Re-Ignite is comprised of two important parts:

Part #1: Pre-meeting Audit and Analysis

First, I will ask you to complete my Client Acquisition Questionnaire. This short document is used to briefly detail and provide background knowledge about how you currently attract customers to the business.

Second, I will ask for samples of your promotional materials: copies of sales letters, emails, online and offline adverting campaigns etc, so that I can personally undertake a full audit of your marketing literature.

This pre-meeting audit and analysis is key as it enables me to examine, first-hand, your client prospecting collateral, market positioning and assets you are currently using to attract and nurture leads. More importantly, we then ‘hit the ground running’ when we meet.

Part #2: Face-to-Face Lead Generation Consultation

This is a unique opportunity for both of us to delve into your business and become laser focused in a very intensive, fast-paced half-day consultation.  

During this meeting you will work directly with me to create, design and plot out your own bespoke lead generation campaign plan: the exact steps, strategies and concepts you need to implement to ‘re-ignite’ your lead generation efforts and gain a consistent and predictable stream of new clients.

Having previously reviewed your promotional collateral, I will also provide candid and detailed feedback such that you can gain even greater impact from your current and on-going promotional activities.

Your Investment

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, fees for Lead Generation Re-Ignite start from £1,995.

If that is too much of an investment to give your business a practical roadmap for acquiring more leads, more clients and more profits, then this service isn’t for you.

Next Steps

The Lead Generation Re-Ignite will afford you the ideal opportunity to take stock of current your promotional efforts, give you insights on new client attraction possibilities – as well as – a specific ‘client getting’ strategy for your business.

To discuss further, please click here to schedule a Discovery Call.

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