Has your business hit a wall and you’re struggling to find a clear and profitable way forward? Or, is your business doing ‘just enough’ and you’d like to grow much faster – you just don't know how?

In my experience CEOs and business owners do not achieve the results and revenues they want from their business because – simply put – they get the whole process back to front.

The business gets stuck in a ‘tactical hell’: an expensive and scattergun approach to marketing that rarely works in the long term.

Look, don’t even consider whether Facebook Ads are better for your business compared to Google AdWords, or if a direct mail or SEO campaign is needed, until you have first clarified your core audience… communicated a more competitive edge in the market… and then aligned this with a strong strategic and tactical foundation.

Having spent over 10 years fixing professional service firms, I have developed and honed a unique ‘road map’ to help you achieve the exponential and long-term growth you want for your business.

It is called the Business Growth Reset: an actionable business-building plan custom-fitted to your business, that will deliver at least a guaranteed 5x return on your investment.

How it Works

So that you can be very clear on what to expect and the results you will see in your business, here’s a brief overview of my approach.

The Business Growth Reset is comprised of three integral parts:

Part #1: Who

In the first part of the Business Growth Reset, we deep dive into your business and first identify – or clarify – your ideal client.

Getting clear on who your best-fit clients are ensures every single marketing message and customer touch point is better targeted… better resonates with and addresses their needs… and thus ensures your ideal clients’ are more inclined to buy your solution.

Using my proprietary approach we develop your most profitable client ‘persona’, which goes much deeper than a simple wish list of preferred characteristics.

This important first step stops you from ‘shooting in the dark’ and gives your marketing strategy and tactics better clarity, direction and focus.

Part #2: Why

Next, we then need to answer your market’s most critical question, "Why should I choose you?"

In my experience this is where many companies struggle: they simply do not provide the market with a clear and compelling reason to do business with them!

So in this next step I help you get a clear handle on what makes your business unique. We will develop a statement of uniqueness that resonates, appeals and draws new clients to your business – a clear "promise" of the results and value your target audience can expect from buying your services.

Developing a clear point of differentiation can involve audit and analysis of current marketing materials, interviews with key staff – and where applicable – obtaining feedback from current clients to discover what they really value.

This core element of your growth model enables us to articulate an exact view of what makes your business unique. More importantly it then enables you to engineer a powerful competitive edge in the marketplace!

Part #3: How

Most business growth plans are sowed with good intentions, aspirations and goals but often miss the specific and actionable steps need to pragmatically drive the business forward.

Here we detail your specific game plan by establishing a custom-fit strategy and then the tactics needed to keep it on track.

  • Step 1: Business CAT-Scan
    First we appraise the business landscape you operate in; this includes forensically examining your current business assets, opportunities and challenges (internal and external) as well as gaining an exact insight into your competition and market.

    Essentially we take a CAT-Scan of the business: a complete 360º view of your current business environment.

    Next, we drill down and get very specific on what you want the business to achieve and within what timeframe. After all to grow and become more profitable, you’ve got to have targets to aim for!

  • Step 2: Tactical Implementation
    Once the strategy has been developed and aligned to your current business assets, challenges and competitive environment, we then develop and detail the marketing activities you need to implement to drive the business forward.

    I will audit and appraise your current and past marketing activities and campaigns. Every promotional approach is examined to see how you can gain a greater return in the future, without necessarily investing more marketing spend.

    I will then suggest a framework of profitable client attraction techniques – best-fit marketing tactics that I’ve previously applied to help hundreds of service firms to increase their profits.

How Well Does This Approach Work? Read This:

"Andrew is an extremely savvy marketing consultant and business strategist. He can quickly cut through all the fluffy marketing “stuff” and tell you exactly what to do and where best to invest your money. We set ambitious targets for 2014 and with Andrew’s advice and input we have already exceed our targets by 44%!"

Mark Lacy – Toning Centres Southeast

"With his expert marketing knowledge and lead generation ideas, Andrew has now become an integral part of Muson & Hills growth since June 2013. Without his marketing expertise and business growth capabilities, we would not have been able to pitch for business in our target market with the complete confidence we now have. With Andrew’s help we are continuing to grow our business each month. We certainly consider Andrew a very valuable “partner” of our firm and highly recommend his marketing insights and expertise."

David Mahwe, Managing Director and Partner – Muson & Hills LLP

"Andrew worked with me to help me understand how to attract my ‘ideal customer’, developed lead- generation solutions that were straightforward in concept and implementation. Andrew’s input has resulted in 27% increase in my enquiry rate within the first month of using the new strategy that was developed... Truly a five star service and thoroughly recommended."

Ian Bysouth – Southend Business Support

Your Game Plan for Growth – Guaranteed

If you want real long-term growth for your business rather than just a series of ‘quick fixes’ – and you’re willing to commit to working together for at least 4 – 8 weeks to reset and recharge your business, then we should talk. Better still the Business Growth Reset comes with a guaranteed 5x return on your investment.

Your Investment

My fees are very reasonable given the results you can expect to see in your business. Typical project fees start from £4k depending on the size and complexity of your business.

Next Steps

The Business Growth Reset is comprehensive, hands-on, personalised and provides a powerful framework to accelerate your business. However, I only work with results-focused business owners who are committed – and most important of all – will diligently apply the insight and guidance provided.

To discuss further, please click here to schedule a Discovery Call.

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